What is Corporate Credit?

Corporate Credit would be described as lines of credit given by various financial institutions to business entities. The most common forms of Corporate Credit are:

• Corporate Credit Cards (American Express, Chase)
• Vendor Credit Cards (Home Depot, Staples, Dell)
• Bank Lines of Credit (Bank of America, Wells Fargo)
• Subsidized or Collateralized Lines (SBA Loans, Mortgage Loans)

Corporate Credit is typically established by slowly growing your company’s credit score either on the Dunn and Bradstreet index, Experian Smart Business, Equifax Small Business or through the Paydex credit bureau. Properly using, maintaining and repeatedly paying off your existing lines of credit will result in your financial institutions positively reporting to these independent bureaus. As your credit score grows, your credit worthiness increases and you can successively obtain larger lines of credit.

Reasons to use companies that assist you in gaining Corporate and Business Credit;

• FAST. The first funding cycle is in 2-8 weeks.
• ZERO COLLATERAL – we are growing the funds based on your personal and business credit record.
• EASY application process – it takes less than an hour to complete.
• NO EQUITY STAKE in your business – we are not a venture capitalist looking to take control of your company
• MANAGED SERVICE to increase your credit scores

How much credit can I obtain?

The New Business contract offers a minimum amount of $150,000 - $300,000. For clients requiring substantial lines of credit, we can provide multiple rounds of funding to a maximum of $5,000,000.

What types of credit can I get?

With approximately 250 different financial institutions, we offer a diverse portfolio of Corporate Credit options. Through the process of building your credit scores, multiple lines of credit will be opened. The initial lines of credit we offer are Corporate and Vendor Credit Cards. We select various credit companies that will provide the maximum credit line possible as well as properly report your progress to the Credit Bureaus. As your score grows, we can successively open larger credit lines through our extensive network of banks. The bulk of your overall Corporate Credit will be via Bank Lines of Credit.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use the credit?

Once a credit line is established, our clients are free to use them for whatever purpose suits them as long as the client remains in good standing with our lenders. Over extending credit lines or failure to make timely payments will result in the credit lines being revoked.

What kind of interest rates do I have to pay?

Every financial institution that we contract with offers competitive rates. Credit and Vendor Card interest rates vary the most. Many provide special offers such as 0% for six months or low interest balance transfer options. Our bank lines of credit are extremely competitive and average at Prime +1-4%. Your interest rates will be fully disclosed as each line becomes available.

Do I have to put up any property, collateral or company stock?

NO. Our program was specifically designed to offer Corporate Credit without requiring substantial collateral. We offer unsecured lines of credit from our strategic banking partners. Collateral is an option, if our client wishes to receive structured loans over large timelines.

What does it take to qualify?

Our partners offer 4 programs with individual qualifying needs;

1. New Business – Yet to be created or young businesses. This level will require a 720+ credit score, with a clean history.
2. Middle Business – Existing businesses with history and financial. The CFO credit score on this program can drop as low as 700, as long as the supporting business documents are strong enough
3. Strong Business - Very active existing business. The CFO credit score on this program can drop as low as 680, but the business must be very strong.
4. Starter Program – for businesses that don’t meet the New Business guidelines. These are new or weak businesses with a CFO credit score as low as 660 or with delinquency issues.

For all programs, the CFO must also maintain their FICO score in good standing during the funding process as their credit history will be utilized to obtain the initial lines of credit. The CFO should not purchase any homes or cars during the funding stage. In addition to the CFO, the only other major requirement is covering the start up costs of the program. The start up costs cover the initial legal fees to formalize the corporate structure.

Do you require a personal guarantee or personal liability?

YES but only for the first 6 – 18 months. Once your established credit lines have matured without going over the allowed limits or creating a late payment history, your personal liability can be transferred to your business where it belongs.

How long does it take to get setup?

The average client obtains their first round of funding in 2-8 weeks. The amount of the first round will depend on the statistics of the client. The aggregate total in funds will fall in the 3 – 6 month range. Established corporations take less time than start up companies. Larger credit lines usually take longer but can be expedited by providing audited financials.

How much does it cost?

Our standard fee for a New Business client is 10% of the amount of credit lines opened. These fees are used to cover our legal, underwriting and ongoing account management services. Additionally, a portion of these fees are used to protect our network of financial institutions from loses. Our financial institutions consistently provide larger limits because we proactively manage our clients to prevent excessive losses.

Do we want to take control of my company or be offered partial ownership?

NO. Unlike the Venture Capital process, we do not require any ownership in your company. Corporate Credit is simply debt financing for your own company.

How much does it take to get started?

Our legal team will need a retainer to cover hard costs that develop in the first month. Depending on the variables of the client and the company, that retainer can vary from $1000 - $4000. Those fees will go towards your total 10% service fees. The retainer is not in addition to the 10%.

How do I pay the remaining fees?

The remaining fees are paid out as we grow your business profile. As credit lines are established, the client will make payments.

What is the guarantee that I’ll get my credit lines?

We offer each client our ZERO RISK GUARANTEE. Our partners underwrite all files to ensure the program will work. If for some reason, our partners cannot fulfill its obligation to meet the requested amount of Corporate Credit, we will return all fees, minus hard costs used to set up your profile.