They are in the business of collecting setup fees rather than helping you establish corporate credit.

One of my friends found one of these. They collected $5000 for each of two people that my friend was working with to establish corporate credit and it's been over a month with nothing happening except occasional "we're working on it" messages. That's $10,000 down the drain.

One thing that he did not do is check references of people who have established business credit through that company.

I won't publish their name here since I don't want to get sued but if anyone asks about a specific company, I'll let you know if I've heard of them and if I recommend them. If I've heard of them but don't recommend them, you have your answer (unless I give a specific reason why I don't).

Unfortunately, it is very hard to tell the good companies from the scams since the scams try very hard to sound like the good companies. So, always check references.

10/13/2008 02:57:35 am

I agree that people dealing in the financial space should clearly publish their references.

The funny thing is that I looked around on your site and could not find anything about you. You might want to provide with some more precise information about your business.

My 2 cents,


11/11/2009 09:31:52 am

Thanks for this... I am in dire straights seeking to make a comeback again and the last thing i need is a scammer sucking my last dollar. Bless all of you who post from experience or what witnessed. Thanks.


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