I think that this is the wrong question.  They forgot the rarest and most important thing:  the ability to implement a project or idea.

I have found that both ideas and capitol are pretty easy to come by.  The thing that usually gets in the way is the ability to implement the project/idea.

Smart investors only invest when they think that there is a good idea and the business can successfully implement the idea.  The ability to communicate that you can implement the project is the main key to getting funding.  

When a funding source looks at a proposal, they generally spend 10% of their time looking at the idea and 90% of their time looking to see if the requester has the ability to implement the idea. Unfortunately, most proposals focus on the idea.  I think that this is why people think that capitol is hard to find.  They are hunting tigers but they are using cabbage for the bait.

6/22/2009 03:58:13 pm

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