10 things we need in an Executive Summary (for $10M - $100M) or a Business Plan ($100M+):

1. Presentation of the Borrower.
Company name, full address, phone, fax, E-Mail address, Major Industry Category, business goals and objectives; Authorized capital/paid up capital and self-financing so far; principal shareholders names with percentage of shareholding.

2. Project Description.
Name of project; exact location and address; description of project; summarize history of the project and current status; what is the property or land worth today?

3. Current Situation.
If an acquisition, is there a purchase agreement? If permits are required, have they been obtained? Are there any commitments from buyers? How much cash have the borrower(s) put into the project to date? Does the company have access to any more resources?

4. Use of Funds.
How much money is needed? Include summary of major use of funds. When are funds needed?

5. Financial Projections.
Include abbreviated summary projections of profitability for three to five years. Include projected cash flow.

6. Management and Employment.
Management structure; what is management’s background? Current and projected levels of employment.

7. Market Analysis.
Who/where are your customers? What are your terms of sale (cash/credit terms)? Who are your competitors? What is your competitive setting advantage?

8. Marketing and Sales Fulfillment issues.
Describe your customers and how you plan on reaching them; what has to happen before you can begin selling? Are you planning on preleasing before building begins? Will there be an anchor?

9. Business Risks.
What are the possible risks associated with this venture? What steps have/will you take to reduce these risks?

10. Exit strategy.
List steps that will be taken to repay the debt on the loan and the timeframe expected, etc.